About nox

“To conspire is to breathe together, to harmonise, or to unite in a purpose. Because conspiracy implies thinking, talking, and imagining together, it is a particularly significant feature along the pathless journey of beauty. In the context of cultural change, breathing together describes the essence of communication between agents of change and the others. Walking the path of beauty, the role of a change agent is to trigger the imagination of others, turning hideous social activities into beautiful and sustainable practices, and the aesthetic appreciation of beauty into the experience of the sublime.”

~ Farouk Y. Seif


We exist to redefine rural safety where the answers to curbing farm attacks lie somewhere between the insane, common sense, technology, and combinations thereof.


To create an alternate reality where progress in personal safety brings affordable peace of mind to any rural citizen under threat.

nox uses various technologies in unique fusions to create the most efficient, effective, and affordable safety decision support tools possible.

Manipulating the opportunity structure of rural crime and to increase the criminal’s risk of getting caught are at the core of crime solution strategies that nox actively strive to develop.


Inclusivity: We value human diversity and discover means to drive this through everything we do
Authenticity: We believe being yourself in all things makes the world less confusing
Vulnerability: We believe in embracing vulnerability for the powerful potential it brings
Determination: We believe Rome wasn’t built in a day, but bricks were made daily
Resourcefullness: We believe doing the best we can with what we have means we can do more, with less
Courage: We believe if we think as a lion we fight as a lion, battle notwithstanding
Integrity: We believe a relentless adherence to strong moral and ethical principles is the only way
Transparency: We believe that transparency is under-valued for the truth, trust and togetherness it brings

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for people telling you that you are nuts.”

~ Larry Ellison

Our Work

nox is founded on steward-ownership principles, the company is permanently directed by its stewards, and in turn they serve the company’s mission and values.

Profits are primarily reinvested or donated to advancement of company purpose, with dividend rights separated from governance rights to underpin purposeful, intrinsic leadership motivation, and to eliminate financial incentives.

In a co-creative spirit, we establish and use community-based initiatives and innovative strategic partnerships to identify and solve the right safety challenges in favour of peaceful and secure inhabitance of rural areas for those of us here today and for future generations.


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