“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

SACOG Program

Strategic Science – Tactical Technology

Program Operational Need

South African farmers, rural citizens and rural defense organizations need improved situational awareness to more effectively and efficiently deploy their resources to areas of highest risk.


The goal of the SACOG Program is to improve rural situational awareness by establishing capability to:

(1) create and access more data sources.
(2) create new, and use available decision support tools to translate data into actionable information and intelligence, and
(3) share that actionable information and intelligence with members, first responders, rural defense organizations, and law enforcement agencies.


Specifically, the increased situational awareness will result in:

  • Improved monitoring and measurement of rural illegal activity to understand current state
  • Improved assessment of risks by identifying current and emerging threats along with emerging threat patterns and trends
  • Improved alignment of resources-to-risk ratio for current and future operations on operational, strategic, and tactical levels
  • Improved first line of defense and situational deterrence

Success Metrics

Program success is transitioning an adaptable capability to rural operations that has been demonstrated to improve situational awareness of risks, risk mitigation, and alignment of resources against those risks at operational, strategic, and tactical levels.

The program is executed through three sectors each with a separate focus area with flexibility to adapt and address the emerging highest priority capabilities needs as the threat environment shifts over time.


The pilot program is planned to span one year to execute three sectors (Operational, Strategic, Tactical) which deliver solutions for scaling and transition every eighteen months following the initial program planning.